ASC Studios, 47c Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4TS

DOLPH: Natasha Kahn & Paul Cole



DOLPH is a unique project that asks artists to curate an exhibition that contextualises their practice. DOLPH is interested in the stuff that artists don’t show. The ideas and inspirations that drive their enquiry. DOLPH set a brief asking artists to frame an exhibition of relevant (or contradictory) materials that have personal significance, inform and support their practice, and present them in a cohesive exhibition. The DOLPH directors, Natasha Kahn and Paul Cole, have asked this of artists for almost a year. Now they will respond to the DOLPH brief themselves. Unlike previous exhibitions, the artists will share the space, fusing two different inspirations together to form a barrier that divides their respective practices. This allows them to answer the brief individually whilst still engaging in a dialogue with each other. Kahn makes transient structures from found objects and gaffer tape, and Cole mixed media paintings informed by drawings made from observation or memory


Natasha Kahn, Paul Cole