Pomeroy TBK

Unit 2, Fishers Court, Besson Street, London, SE14 5AS

Double Seam


It is by laying two voices next to one another that for a moment a new reality is discovered.

Double Seam is the preview exhibition for TBK. The studio holders have each invited an artist to create a series of curatorial duets with works orbiting one another within the space. Slumping abstract landscapes with dripping nigh-time scenes, abstract monochromes condensing layers of time with objects carrying their decay, and explorations of the idea of new nature. The works will up-root and challenge one another, enticing the viewer to unravel these relationships to discover the world that is created between works.


Gabriel Birch, Lloyd Durling, Katrin Hanusch, Miguel Mathus, Theo Kaccoufa, Glauce Cerveira


Gabriel Birch, Katrin Hanusch, Theo Kaccoufa