45 Coronet Street, London, N1 6HD

Gallery tour and talk

event Saturday 2pm

Natural Staking displays new work by Belgian sculptor Tamara Van San and British painter Jacqui Hallum. The exhibition reflects the fine balance held in each artist’s practice between the provisional, the considered and the resolutely intentioned. Change is embedded in the artists’ approach to working with pigments and plastics (Van San), and crystal-forming sulphates and porous substrates (Hallum). Fluidity is also acknowledged in the language of forms and images, which linger like ruins within the works’ constituent parts and in the experience of their totality. The exhibition develops this feeling for the impossibility of stasis through the artists’ dynamic engagement with gallery’s architecture and the reflexive relationship between the artists’ works. The exhibition title refers to the horticultural practice of employing one living plant to form the armature for another to grow up and through. This method embraces contingency, change and mutuality within gardening.


Jacqui Hallum, Tamara Van San


Dan Howard Birt