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Golden Retriever; The Possession.


Rena Kosnett and Jason Underhill, 2015.

Golden Retriever is a comedy web series written and directed by Jason Underhill and Rena Kosnett which centres on Rea, a young art-damaged ex-MFA student who lands a job as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital in Beverly Hills. It focuses on the relationships that build from the class differences between the hospital’s working-class staff, the wealthy clientele, and their pets. (Trailer)

Moving from room to room the domestic setting of Conduire becomes intoxicated by the myth of Rea re-imagining Golden Retriever via ongoing daily episode screenings featuring exclusive audio commentary, agit-cut video montages alongside exclusive production material.

Online: James Ferries presents ‘Churps from Urps: Ingress to Egress’ a new multimodular commission for for the duration of the Art Licks Weekend.


Rena Kosnett & Jason Underhill, James Ferris & Emma Hunt


Sophie Risner