Lewisham Arthouse

140 Lewisham Way London, London, SE14 6PD

Haptic Thinking and Architecture

Event Saturday 4-6pm

Frank Kent, Pink Drape with Nude (detail), 2014. Courtesy of the artist

As part of the exhibition, ‘Ceasura et Vide Supra’ at Lewisham Arthouse, the exhibiting artists will lead a public touring discussion around the exhibition space, presenting their ideas related to the notion of haptic thinking, or ‘thinking through touch’. Participants will be introduced to the architectural concepts and inspirations behind the works and their installation. How do visual artists think about architectural space? How do they make architectural spaces? The discussion will start at 4pm and will last approximately 2 hours. It aims to encourage active engagement with the works in situ, in order to generate thoughts regarding the relationship between contemporary visual art and heritage architecture.


Lewis Betts, Jolanta Rejs, Anna Salamon, Frank Kent, Stephen Cooper, Bernice Donszelmann


Stephen Cooper, Lewis Betts