Martin’s place

19 Louvaine Road, London, SW11 2AG

IAH­-LHR : exhibition


Marion Tu

With a different pop-up show for each day of the festival, the North & Found project celebrates the creativity of artists from each side of the pond. Located in the comfort of Martin’s place in Clapham, these shows will feature TSA approved, suitcase friendly artworks from Houston and site-specific work from London artists. Versatile and multifaceted, the public is invited to contribute to the creation of an archive of responses by leaving traces of their visit. Based in London and Houston, the North & Found project aims at making art accessible, giving opportunities for artists to develop their practices, and for the public to actively engage with the work.


Jackie Dean, Gillian Duffy, Eldi Dundee and Patricia Pisanelli


Shirley McNeill, Marion Tu