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139 Copeland Road London, London, SE15 3SN

Intervention: Cottages of Quigley’s Point


Jill Quigley

Part photography, part performance and part street art, this body of work began as a series of ‘interventions’ in abandoned nineteenth century cottages in rural County Donegal. Known locally as “famine cottages”, they have been left within the solitude of the landscape to quietly decay. Jill Quigley borrows them briefly and asserts her presence in a number of ways – by spray-painting a neon rainbow over the hearth, or by throwing paper flowers into a room like large-scale confetti. The result is a series of playful and optimistic photographs that challenge the recent trend in ruin porn. A specially commissioned intervention in the exhibition space – a derelict Victorian terrace in Peckham – will accompany the show.

“The addition of bright colours and movement in these empty interiors situates the subject in the present as encountered. As such, the process of intervention subverts a wistful reading of a disappearing way of life.” – Jill Quigley


Jill Quigley


Vivienne Gamble