DKUK Salon

Holdrons Arcade, 135a Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST

It Want It


Jack Strange

DKUK Salon provides a platform for engaging diverse audiences with contemporary art in the welcoming environment of a hairdressing salon. A new model for producing work, DKUK combines the practical, commercial framework of a hairdressing business, with the funding support of the Arts Council England. DKUK offers artists a unique environment for showing and developing work, away from the pressure of the commercial art world and the growing complexities of many publicly funded spaces. This co-existence of art and hairdressing affords artists complete control over the visitor’s experience.

At DKUK, Jack Strange will be holding a mini party for a hair taken from a close family member. This hair will be attached to a base or stage and will dance to the provided soundtrack. Strange’s playful sculptural installation will be celebrating the quiet melancholy associated with self improvement.


Jack Strange


Daniel Kelly