St Augustine’s Tower

The Narrow Way, London, E8 1HR



Stella Morgan

Taking over the 13th Century St Augustine’s Tower, this group show features new work in printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation by local artists responding to the theme of migration. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the artists share their own experiences of migration, both from outside the UK and within it: from escaping war zones, to economic migration, moving for study or simply for adventure. The work aims to explore the effect of migration – whether temporary or long term – on places; the effect of leaving on those left behind; the effect of returning to one’s place of origin; the effect of new arrivals on established communities, and the subsequent impact on the man-made and natural environment. The theme is also explored in its broadest context to include ideas on migration in both human, animal and plant life, even touching on migration in a metaphysical sense.


Loretta Garrison, Conni Johnson, Stella Morgan, Jasmin Topalusic, Rebecca Willcox


Rebecca Willcox