Unit 3 Projects @ ASC Studios

Unit 3, Empson Street, London, E3 3LT

Nomad Art School

Event Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday 12-4:30pm, Sunday 11-6pm

Luis Ignacio Rodriguez

The Nomad Art School is itinerant because it uses places and spaces available free to the community for the common good. It is permanent because whenever possible, it aims to broadcast and maintain a record of all its events. There is no syllabus, because content is offered by artists willing and able to provide it. There is no selection, because all one needs to do to be a student is turn up, talk to other students and artists, or visit the website. Consequently, there is no certificate at the end of the course, because it is not a course, and it never ends.

Nomad Art School will hold its first event at Unit3 at ASC Studios for the Art Licks Weekend, and will in future enlarge its knowledge base and hold other courses in other venues.

**Please note new opening times during ALW 2015: Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday 12-4:30pm, Sunday 11am-6pm**


Jessica Worden, Drew Hoad, Chris Alton, Elena Coleman, Daniella Valz Gen,, Ellen Twinem, Tatiana Baskakova, Kerri Jefferis, Ellie Wyatt, Sophie Chapman


Drew Hoad, Luis Ignacio Rodriguez, Rachel Wilson