Assembly Point

49 Staffordshire Street, London, SE15 5TJ

Open Studios

Event Saturday 12–5pm

Assembly Point

Assembly Point is a new contemporary arts space encompassing an artist-run gallery and studios in Peckham, South London. It was set up by collaborative artists Edgar–Walker to provide a platform for creative practitioners to develop and present their work to the wider public, as well as supporting emerging artists. Assembly Point will establish a community of creative practice through a programme of projects including, exhibitions, performances, workshops and events. As a dynamic and progressive entity, Assembly Point will be responsive to the ideas circulating in the studios, the work exhibited in the gallery and wider cultural practices.


Luke Halls, Imran Perretta, Robbie Fife, Work-Form, Fran Meana, Hendrik Schneider, Jon Kipps, Edgar–Walker, Aimee Henderson, Chloe Manasseh, Sarah Boulton, James Lowne, Katja Larsson, Marios Stamatis, Lea Collet, Anja Olofgors, Natalia Janula, Rory Biddulph


James Edgar, Sam Walker