Meeting on the beach of the River Thames in front of The Mayflower Pub, London, SE16 4NF

Palindromic Sequence: A Live Map of the Thames Shore

Event Sunday 2-4pm

Alex Chalmers

Narratives, objects and actions will arise from mud, concrete and cul-de-sacs. Now in its third year, AltMFA’s annual psychogeographical adventure will discover new locations; conjuring surreal happenings and enacting subversive interventions.

Texts appear beneath your feet. Grid reference TQ335795. A seeping procession of walkers huddle on the foreshore, their fortunes being read by a transatlantic Mud-lark. Peering through binoculars, you witness a tiny figure on the other side of the Thames. It is waving a giant knife and fork. [Behind you: Drone sound of robotic lingerie graze on someone’s front lawn]. A foreshore-footed figure ushers the pilgrims into a garage behind the estates, where voices echo through wheelie bins. It’s not over until the invisible man returns” – Notes on last year’s walk.

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Sadie Edginton, Maru Rojas, Louise Ashcroft, Fritha Jenkins, Alex Chalmers, Gillian Duffy, Marion Tu, Louis Greenaway, Eldi Dundee, AnnaMaria Kardos, Ben Newell, Rebecca Glover, Amy Leung, Paula Bourke-Girgis, Lily Johnson, George Major, Asher Herr and more