Tremolo Projects @ Middlesex Filter Beds

Lammas Road (off Lea Bridge Road), London, E10 7QB

Performance Event

Event Saturday 3-4pm

At the edge of the Hackney Marshes and Clapton lies the Middlesex Filter Beds. It is a beautiful old industrial space built to stop the spread of cholera in the 19th century. Since its closure in 1969 it has been taken over by nature and the casual stroller. Tremolo Projects has invited nine artists to present sculpture and/or performance in guerilla fashion using the format of the sculpture park for the duration of the Art Licks Weekend. The Guerilla Sculpture Park will not be attended by the artists or curators, rather visitors with a sense of adventure are requested to download a map and information on the exhibition from: Expect a brisk but thought-provoking walk through one of London’s quiet treasures while contemplating artist’s relationship to public space, real estate prices and nature.


Brendan Giles, Julie Hill, Scott Massey, Mark Siebert, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Paula Smolarska, Jonathan Trayner, Phill Wilson Perkin and Samantha Taylor


Tremolo Projects