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Photographing Girls


Julia Riddiough

‘Photographing Girls’ by Julia Riddiough uses archive imagery from pro-am photography manuals that utilise the male gaze to photograph women. As we are told sex sells! But exactly what kind of sex sells? These images sell more than just the product – they sell us concepts of sex, positioning the women in these images. By viewing these images again we travel back to a time when these images would not be challenged. Would we question them now, or question their contemporary versions? At a time when prominent men in the public eye are now being prosecuted for unacceptable behaviour that was deemed acceptable when these images were taken, we see that they are still prevalent in our everyday lives, in plain sight pervading our media. The media as commercial organisations use stereotypes to sell us things that we don’t really need and these stereotypes create a false sense of ourselves; how we see, able and allowed or made to see. Ultimately defining who we are and how we should live.


Julia Riddiough


A Brooks Art