Unit 6 Studio, First Floor Balcony (Taplow House), The Chaplin Centre, Thurlow Street, London, SE17 2UL

Politics and Art


Henry Bradley, Our inability to see 'the whole'

Juliette Temple – Slipping between abstraction and representation, my paintings use recognisable form to explore the materiality of paint and colour. Derived from my own motifs, images and drawings of everyday objects, they contain certain physical properties of which I am drawn to.

Lewis Davidson – I am drawn towards humour, and a bold, funky aesthetic, pulling in graphic and linguistic qualities, familiar symbols and tools, to ground the work and make it accessible. In order for art to exist it has to eat other subjects and cannot stand isolated.

Henry/Benjamin Bradley – We are setting up an interactive ‘music and moving image’ sculptural installation. It will act as a tool for all to explore, share, create and within. Alongside this, there will be an installation of a Bar/Cafe. With a small library and other visual items, it will act as a place where people can meet, relax and discuss; serving tea, coffee, soup and other beverages throughout the three days.


Benjamin Bradley, Henry Bradley, Lewis Davidson, ?Juliette Temple


Henry Bradley, ?Juliette Temple