395 Southwark Park Road London, London, SE16 2JH

Reckless Blooming


Pavilion (Sophie Yetton & Gabriel Birch)

RECKLESS BLOOMING is the sequel to 395’s 2014 Art Licks Weekend exhibition ‘YOU ME US THEM’. The group has expanded to include further collaborators – all of whom are working in video medium. 395 is a former boxing pub turned immigration solicitors and now live/work space for artists, architects and writers. RECKLESS BLOOMING will imagine the space as an island in Bermondsey (‘Beornmund’s Island’ – originally habitable ground amid the marshes). The films on display will offer archival renditions of real and mythical Islands; an archaic fern jungle populated with corals and flints, a meeting on the abandoned marshes in Kent, an out-take from the film archive La Libertad y La Maquina (1978) and a surreal landscape of coloured choreographed geometries. The films will battle with the space for occupancy and with each other for isolation at 395.


Pavilion (Sophie Yetton, Gabriel Birch), Alex Chalmers, Joceline Howe, Nicholas Mortimer, Charlie Yetton


Sophie Yetton, Gabriel Birch (Pavilion)