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Elena Colman

1. (Elements & Compounds) Also called: India rubber, gum elastic or caoutchouc a cream to dark brown elastic material obtained by coagulating and drying the latex from certain plants, esp the tree Hevea brasiliensis

2. (Elements & Compounds) any of a large variety of elastomers produced by improving the properties of natural rubber or by synthetic means

3. Brit a piece of rubber or felt used for erasing something written, typed, etc; eraser

4. (Tools) a coarse file

5. a cloth, pad, etc, used for polishing or buffing

6. a person who rubs something in order to smooth, polish, or massage

7. (Clothing & Fashion) (often plural) US and Canadian a rubberised waterproof article, such as a mackintosh or overshoe

8. a male contraceptive; condom

9. (Elements & Compounds) (modifier) made of or producing rubber: a rubber ball; a rubber factory.


Elena Colman, Rebecca Jagoe


Elena Colman