London Sculpture Workshop

Thames Side Studios Unit Zero, First Floor, Harrington Way, London, SE18 5NR

Sculpting the Line

event Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday 10am-1pm

London Sculpture Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, participants will use modelling wax and explore the sculptural properties of working in wax. Wax is an extremely versatile & traditional sculptural material often used for modelling, for example, in preparation for bronze casting. Initially there will be a number of demonstrations and participants will be encouraged to experiment with construction and wax modelling in 2 groups. Group 1 will spend the first half of the session working in a constructional sense, welding wax. Group 2 will investigate wax through direct modelling. Halfway through the session the groups will swap over and explore the other mode of working. There will be a quick pop-up exhibition and informal discussion at the end of the session.


Giles Corby


Jessica Mello