Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre

45 Gransden Avenue, London, E8 3QA

Sculpture on the Verge


Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

‘Sculpture on the Verge’ grapples with the practice of sculpture as an ongoing series of evolutions, transformations, reassessments and recontextualisations. To celebrate the possibilities of this art form, PSC has chosen not artworks but artists and set them a common task: to each re-present and/or reconfigure a recent three-dimensional artwork so that it draws attention to the conditions of its own (im)possibility—the terms of its existence and promise of its potential as it finds form in the world. Although the featured artists come from different generations and backgrounds and demonstrate varied sensibilities, they share a fascination with the practice of sculpture as one in flux. This is an exhibition of propositions, of questions, experiments and other intentions. The first and fundamental criterion established in bringing the featured artists together is their capacity to ask through their artworks one of the most pressing questions of our times: Now what?”.


Marsha Bradfield, Lucy Tomlins