The Nines

133 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN

Spontaneous Combustion

event Saturday 2-9pm, Sunday 1-5pm

Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion is a yearly dance and performance festival held in various indoor and outdoor spaces around a selected area of London. For the first time this year, ‘Spont’ will take place in and around Copeland Park and the Bussey Building.

Originally a Victorian industrial complex, the Bussey Building and surrounding site have recently been saved from destruction by the local campaign Peckham Vision. Artists were invited to devise new work or to relocate previous work in various spaces around the estate, including the roof top, the car park and different commercial premises including a record shop, yoga studio, gym, recording studio and a cycle shop.

Spont 2015 is devised in association with The NINES and promoted by Copeland Park, Peckham Vision, VictorLab, RyeWax, Crossfit Peckham, SeaBass Cycles, Super Unison Studios. 


Gorizazmarkaz, Hug Roux Law, Jonathan Rogerson, Janine Harrington, Andy Edwards & Paul Hughes, Svenja Buhl & Finlay Forbes Gower, Clelia Vuille & Jessica Haener, Sound Life Collective, Imogen Bland, Miss Englatina, Disco Titz, Lizzy Le Quesne, Laura Burns, Nicholas Stuecklin


Lorenza Peragine