Vulpes Vulpes

17-21 Blue Anchor Lane London, London, SE16 3UL

The Blue Project – Work In Progress


Vulpes Vulpes

During The Blue Project London artists are linked with three local groups (Southwark Irish Pensioners Project, Bermondsey Community Kitchen and Blue Anchor Library) for the duration of three months. Workers and customers of the community café and young trainee chefs, local Irish pensioners and users of the Library collaborate with artists through regular meetings and work days. Each group has a direct role in shaping the outcomes. Over the Art Licks Weekend, Vulpes Vulpes gallery is an open studio where ‘Work In Progress’ is visible, activity is ongoing alongside a display of findings so far. The project ends in November with a final public exhibition and event.


Elaine Reynolds, Berry Patten, Hadiru Mahdi, Carla Wright, Laurie Storey, Anna Chrystal Stephens


Vulpes Vulpes