Columbia Road Flower Market, London, E2 7RG

The Gift, If There Is Any

Event Performances: Sunday 8am-3pm. Artist-led dinner/lecture: Sunday 6pm @Kappacasein Dairy

He Wiseman

The Gift, If There Is Any is a 1 day participatory programme at Columbia Road Flower Market, followed by an artist-led food sharing, discussion and film screening at Kappacasein Dairy. VERBureau has invited artists Savage, He Wiseman, Annette Krauss, Standart Thinking and Travis Meinolf. The event explores gift-giving, its potential to disrupt economic circulation and Hélène Cixous’ theory of feminine generosity, in response to neoliberal rhetoric that idealises profit, property-driven independence and individualism. The flower market is a complementary contradiction; a site of commerce and capitalism, which contrasts with the non-reciprocal giving that the artists will perform, and yet it is also a place where people come to exchange in order to give.

Please bring spare yarn to add to Travis Meinolf’s work. The food sharing event is free but ticketed. Please bring a gift of food with a link to currency for the meal.


Annette Krauss, Travis Meinolf, Savage, Standart Thinking, He Wiseman


Elizabeth Hudson, Nella Aarne, Rachael Smith, Olga Stebleva, Harriet Wiseman