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Platform 1 Hackney Downs Rail Station Dalston Lane London, London, E8 1LA

The Liquid Archive – Exhibition/Distribution

Event Saturday, 2–4pm

Nicholas Smith. TLA001, 2014, image off phone.

Paul Teasdale, Louisa Riley Smith, and Ami Clarke discuss a distributed sense of the exhibition, in both its making, and its preserving, touching on social media, processual works within online frameworks, and archival projects.

Paul Teasdale, an editor at Frieze, with a focus on social media, the internet and photography, will be talking about issues raised in his article ‘Total Recall: On collective memory and personal experience’ in the digital realm. (Frieze Issue 170 April 2015).

Louisa Riley Smith is founder of the 20th Century Art Archives since 1985, and will consider the pre-digital landscape in artists publishing, through her considerable collection of 20thC Artists’ books.

Ami Clarke will address artists’ publishing as art form and process, Banner Repeaters publishing in tandem with exhibitions and the Un-Publish imprint, and BookBlast, the on-going development of the digital archive of Artists’ Publishing.


Paul Teasdale, Louisa Riley Smith, Ami Clarke


Hayley Dixon, Nicholas Smith