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Platform 1 Hackney Downs Rail Station Dalston Lane London, London, E8 1LA

The Liquid Archive


Nicholas Smith, TLA001, smartphone photograph, 2015

Asking in what ways new image capturing technologies inflect and infect the exhibition space, amid the centuries old phenomena of the collectively produced story of art. Does the ease of production and widely circulated distribution of the image of the exhibition circumnavigate the need for the exhibition at all?

The Liquid Archive is an ever-expanding online archive of amateur photographs of exhibitions and artworks. The work will be projected at Banner Repeater and acts as a site for further discussion, with artist Nicholas Smith extending an open invitation to all to contribute new images. Spectators are asked to submit their images of exhibitions to:

twitter #liquidarchive

A new audio work by Cristina Garrido responds to the Liquid Archive, observing the different factors that cause the perceptive transformation of the real into the virtual world.


Cristina Garrido, Nicholas Smith, plus on-going contributions


Nicholas Smith