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Ground Floor Building 2 92 White Post Lane London, London, E9 5EN

The Sailor


Courtesy of the artists.

Showcasing their individual practices the idea of ‘The Sailor’ is used to represent the exhibition space as a vehicle for thinking and travelling in a conceptual as well as aesthetic sense. Greek-born British artist Patrick Riccardo Michalopoulos’ brushwork ranges from the automatic and gestural to precise mark-making that is built up in layers of white upon black. The effect is of playful investigation into poetic spaces within pictorial representation and of the testing of perceived boundaries between abstract and figurative imagery. Turkish-born British artist Ismail Erbil’s works are constructed as installations or sculptural objects. Erbil’s working process melds different categories of objects, revealing and concealing images in a type of excavation and re-working of symbols and stories. Other strands of his practice involve costume-making, video, performance and works on paper .


Ismail Erbil, Patrick Michalopoulos


Ismail Erbil, Patrick Michalopoulos