Aalto Projects @ Saint Bartholomew The Great

West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9DS

This is here.

Event Opening: Thursday 6-8pm Exhibition event: Sunday 1-6pm

aalto projects

‘This is here’ explores medium and role boundaries in the collaborative creation of new works. Throughout the Art Licks Weekend, practitioners spanning from photographers and artists to curators and designers respond to the peculiar space at Saint Bartholomew the Great, with a collaborative approach. On Sunday the space will be open to the public to visit the fresh exhibition.

The aim of the project is to initiate a collective reflection on concepts of art space and ideas of constraints to artistic process. The exhibition will reflect different approaches to a place that is originally not dedicated to art. It may take unexpected form, depending on the ideas arising from the conversation between the attendees.

‘This is here’ is a performative take on the idea of curation and image production, involving creators in a collaborative work. The hope is that it will invite creative discussion about the context around which we all make and show artwork.


and participating Curators: Lewis Bush, Sarah Crew, Rosie Hermon, Luca Vanello, Kay Watson, Magali Avezou, Francesca Marcaccio, Sunil Shah


Francesca Marcaccio, Magali Avezou, Sunil Shah