Millington | Marriott

In Sean's Mum's car, starting from Choumert Grove Car Park, then travelling around the festival daily, London, SE15 4RB

Tokyo Drift


Courtesy Millington | Marriott

Taking boy racer culture as a starting point, Tokyo Drift exhibits four artists in an old Ford Fiesta each creating an addition/alteration to the existing vehicle in conjunction with their practice. The high and low cultures are considered equal on a level of irony and sincerity and both at the same time. The cultures clash to elevate the shitness of alloy rims, bucket seats and neon lights cruising along the seafront and bring to earth the painterly expression, print and sculpture bossing it in white cubes and vice versa. Jacked up both physically and metaphorically following a bad ass donut. Big Dawg Westwood blasts from the sound system inviting the viewer to take a look inside. The viewer becomes both a viewer of art and a car modification enthusiast. Over the course of the weekend Tokyo Drift moves to locations across London. From a shadowy car park to outside the Tate Britain, the locality will accentuate the clash that M|M consider compatible to fuck and make babies.


Luke Overin, Alfie Strong, Jessica Mai Walker, Jesse Wine


Millington | Marriott