Amersham Arms

388 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TY

Twenty Twenty Vision


Jethro Llewellyn Holman

Twenty Twenty Vision is the idea of a group of friends all taking photos of life in South London. The 400 images on display have been shot on a variety of formats, in both colour and black & white and look to document the social sub cultures and events of life south of the river.


Alex Harley, Alexander Brown, Derek Man, Emma Jane Mulholland, Hugh Rochfort, Izzy Mcgough, Jack Reed, Jethro Llewellyn Holman, Joe Miranda, Kerry Binks, Luke Merryweather, Luke Overin, Luke Moran-Morris, Matt Kelly, Max Sanderson, Mitchell Collins, Myles Francis Barrell, Olivia Carlsson-Lloyd and Sean Roy Parker


Luke Merryweather, Olivia Carlsson-Lloyd, Jethro Llewellyn Holman