Cheap Drinks Van

Choumert Grove Car Park, London, SE15 4RB


event Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

Cheap Drinks will park a van in Choumert Grove Car Park for the duration of the Art Licks Weekend and utilise the van as an exhibition space. Doors are open for visitors to clamber inside and there will be performances taking place in and around the van. A mini bar will run from the bonnet of the van selling homemade organic drinks, on donations.

In the past Cheap Drinks has offered a structure for participating artists – previous events include Cheap Drinks the Book, launched in December 2014 – a mixed media publication, and Cheap Drinks Green, held in June 2015, which was an exhibition platform for 12 emerging artists to try new work and respond to a loose theme.

For the Art Licks Weekend, a van provides the ‘structure’ and also a kind of theme: temporariness, unfixed, sharing of space, rotational, vanpooling.


Alejandra Lopez, Poppy Moroney, Nick Harris, Chris Lawrence, Sophie Chapman, Emma Rae Warburton, Annie Movsisiyan, Jack O'Brien, Rosa Farber, Helen Savage, Elena Colman


Helen Savage, Rosa Farber