Unit 2, Grosvenor Way, London, E5 9ND

We shall not be moved


Housing is a Right, Digs Hackney Renters

RARA presents ‘We shall not be moved’, an exhibition bringing together artists, activists and architects to explore the idea of “home” in this city at this time as the housing crisis intensifies. Learn how to fly-post with Digs, Hackney renters; exchange your tales of letting agents with Lindsay Draws as she transforms estate agent signs into plant dibbers; enjoy a “home” cooked meal with RARA members while discussing ways in which art and design could be used as tools to challenge the idea of properties for profit over people; learn the story of a Victorian house from construction to present day while watching Urban Histories, a new play by Sarah Akigbogun and consider what it takes to create home wherever you are, with whatever you have with Alexandra Parry and Eva Freeman. ‘We shall not be moved’ is a collection of artworks, activities and performances to engage audiences whatever their personal housing situation.


Sarah Akigbogun, Lindsay Draws, Digs, Eva Freeman, Alexandra Parry, RARA


Eva Freeman