171 Deptford High Street, London, SE8 3NU

what the point is : the end of the line


Tamarin Norwood

This new body of work by Tamarin Norwood develops a chain of analogies between the tip of the pen/cil, the first person singular, the line of sight and the I-beam cursor. It asks: how is the object answered by its representation, and how is the subject consoled by it?

“On my studio floor are some glass and plastic funnels, five foot glass tubes and some tubes of rolled up A4, two projectors and two desk fans, lengths of string drawing-pinned taut, some torn-off sides of cardboard boxes with circular holes cut into them, some mechanically, some by hand.”

The exhibition derives from Norwood’s ongoing examination of the point of contact between pencil and page during the acts of drawing and writing. The groping eye of the pencil emerges as a point of physical leverage between subject and object: a beat of assertion against the passing of time marked out on the white of the page.


Tamarin Norwood


Nico de Oliveira, Nicola Oxley