Chisenhale Studios – Studio 7

64-84 Chisenhale Road, London, E3 5QZ



Throughout my art practice I am striving to grasp the fundamentals of human existence. The first film “The cReature” dedicated to investigation of birth-life-death sequence was done in my former third-floor studio at Chisenhale. It lasted for three days. Someone who was not me, had been inhabiting my studio for three days. It happened to be a crucial experience as it was. I stopped making any kind of objects and paintings. Driven to immersive environments, I turned towards creating spaces of a total experience where all the known and unknown type of perceptions involved and being activated. This year, for Art Licks Weekend 2015 – I am inviting visitors to my current studio at Chisenhale, on the first floor, where an inversion of “The cReature Film” will be performed. In effect, it is not a performance, – but rather an invitation to see a totally not-masterplanned film production.” – Uliana Apatina, artist


Uliana Apatina