Garden and surrounding area, 108 Hunsdon Road, London, SE14 5RF

Whittingdale Residency Show


Lou Macnamara

The Whittingdale Residency is a three month long part-time residency, primarily aimed at recent graduates in the aftermath of their degrees and beginning their careers surviving in London under the current Conservative government. Self-selected artists have taken part in a number of carefully curated activities to discuss, perform and critically engage with the idea of resilience. The residency is based across various sites in London and elsewhere over the summer. Including artists from all disciplines, offering participants the opportunity to question their own practices/position within the world and to join a peer assemblage with similar concerns. The chance to complain as practice. After a series of events and meetings including football matches, group crits, making a music video and exchanges with other collectives the Whittingdale residency will culminate in an exhibition of work produced and conceived through the residency. Hosted in/around a garden in New Cross Gate.


Carolina Escobar-Diaz, Kerri Jefferis, Sophie Chapman, Rosa Nussbaum, Lou Macnamara, Georgia Gendall, Bryony Hussey, Andra Raduca, Edwin Mingard, Rebecca Sangster, Alice Woods, Tuli Litvak, Helen Hamilton, Chris Alton, Rose Parker, Oliver Hickmet, Josh Parker, Angus Frost