Radio Anti

Commissioned for the festival, Radio Anti broadcast a daily programme of interviews, performances and music for the duration of the Art Licks Weekend. Listen in online at or on 87.5FM.  

Radio Anti will be the official Art Licks Weekend radio station, broadcasting from Res. in Deptford on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm. 

They will work with participating festival galleries and project spaces to broadcast a daily programme of interviews, live performances, sound works, and music for the duration of the festival – as well as all the latest news from the Art Licks Weekend. Listen in online right here at the Art Licks website, at or on 87.5FM in Deptford.


Radio Anti works with different people in different spaces to create a temporary radio station. Radio Anti are ‘discontinuous’ in the sense that they do not broadcast all the time, and in the sense that they explore different ways of being a radio station with each broadcast. Radio Anti broadcast on FM and online, and try to think about the different possible audiences when they are planning the shows: those who are live in the studio, those who find the programme on FM by flicking between stations, and those who are listening purposefully online.

Radio Anti have done a variety of broadcasts, and each time they have worked in a different way. For Art Licks Weekend 2014, Radio Anti created a mobile version that could operate out of a van with a generator. They broadcast one day of the Art Licks Weekend performance programme, which took place in public spaces all over Bermondsey (listen to recordings online here).

For Domestic Transmissions, Radio Anti was set up in different domestic spaces to broadcast every evening over the course of a week.

In December, Radio Anti will broadcast The Map is the Territory from Bloc Projects in Sheffield, which will be a tightly programmed radio show with a live audience. Exploring place-making with guests including Lt Colonel Laurence Quinn – the man who designed Camp Bastion – and artists including Adam James who will encapsulate the live audience’s experience of the broadcast within a specially designed ‘Live Action Role Play’ to be played live on air at the start of the show.


Following on from the festival, we have put together a selection of recordings from Radio Anti for you to listen to:

– ‘Art Licks Weekend Found Sound Mixtape’, a sound recording from Tom Fisher of an Art Licks Weekend tour in peckham. Listen here.

– As part of Art Licks Learning, Tate Collective discuss the exhibitions they saw at Art Licks Weekend 2015, as well playing sound recordings and songs throughout this hour long show. Listen here.

– The artist Mark Beldan took over the Radio Anti studio during the Art Licks 2015 festival to play some rare and unusual songs alongside commentary about his selection. Listen here.

– Rachel Smith of VerBureau presents a programme of music to accompany, The Gift, If There Is Any, a one day participatory and performative art programme that took place at Columbia Road Flower Market for the Art Licks Weekend. Listen here