A- – -Z presented Status Quo for the Art Licks Weekend.

For Status Quo, the following artists made a GIF in relation to a statement they wish to spread – by voicing an opinion or simply making a moving image:

Matt Calderwood

Marialaura Ghidini

Evan Ifekoya

Keep it Complex – Make it Clear (Kathrin Böhm & Rosalie Schweiker) 

Paul Kneale

Mark Leckey

Martha Rosler

Erica Scourti

Patrick Staff

The GIFs were available for festival followers to download and to share on social media for the duration of the festival only (from 29 September to 2 October).

This project is part of A- – -Z‘s ongoing research project around the display and dissemination of artwork. It adds to the morphic and viral forms of the platform.

A- – -Z is an exploratory curatorial platform produced by Anne Duffau. Taking the formula of the alphabet, A- – -Z uses words related to the idea of entropy as a starting point to map out and test various unstable potentials. 

One letter, one experiment, twenty six times. A- – -Z is currently based at StudioRCA Riverlight, developing a series of newly commissioned videos and installations.