Ladette Space

55 Cossall Walk London, London, SE15 2TN

A Flowing Qualm Spreads


Dominic Humphries

A long wait, unremarkable. Time passes, the body quietly revolts. Don’t expect anything to happen.

An exhibition of spoken word, moving image and text, overlapping and continuous. The works are installed within the relatively undisturbed living quarters of Ladette Space, finding their position amongst the domestic and the commonplace.

Dominic Humphries is an artist based in Hamburg. His work explores bodily unease revealed through the physical experience of duration, situated in the everyday and the unspectacular. Repetition is used to manipulate the narrative of linear time. Through recurring motifs he attempts to take the experience of the individual and frame it as universal.

Ladette Space is an independent project space based in a residential flat. They exhibit exciting and ambitious projects by emerging artists and produce small runs of artists’ publications. They are committed to the pursuit of artistic autonomy through DIY culture.


Dominic Humphries


Elena Colman