Assembly Point

49 Staffordshire Street, London, SE15 5TJ

Artist-led Exhibition Tour

Event Thursday 7-8pm

Sam Smith and Andrea Zucchini

¬?× (pronounced: “here the sun does not enter”) is a two-person exhibition by Sam Smith and Andrea Zucchini whose artistic collaboration co-opts fiction and narrative to mediate historical realities through 3D technology.

Among large-scale architectural constructs, fictionalised scans of ancient artifacts are digitally animated and embedded within a series of sculptural furnishings that are abstracted from the modernist architecture of Eileen Gray.

Together these historical moments are intertwined and their temporalities flattened to create a hermetic narrative. The gallery operates as an archaeological archive within a science-fiction setting, embracing an intuitive, practical and fluid awareness of time.


Sam Smith, Andrea Zucchini