26A Chapel Market, London, N1 9EN

At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike you in the face


James R Ford

A series of text-based works offer a glimpse into the personal reality of the artist; thoughts, ideas and questions jotted down as visual reminders to not be forgotten. However, instead of proposing a future work of art or project, these enlarged coloured sticky notes have become the visual representation of the written thoughts or actions they allude to. Bringing into mind screaming sale banners of retail window displays, Ford’s giant musings are in line with his fascination with perception and the absurd; contemplating the value of things and nothings in art and life.

Whilst at once obscuring the view into the space; the writing also allows the viewer to peer through and witness the debris and detritus inside the space – the becoming of a space.


James R Ford


Rudi Christian Ferreira, Adrienne Groen