The LivingRoom @ El Cheap ‘Ou

75 Deptford High Street, London, SE8 4AA

Canning Time: Alex Nikiporenko

event Sunday 5pm

The LivingRoom

John Price, the owner of El Cheap ’Ou – ’Love you can afford’, has seen Deptford change immensely over the years and so has the shop, flooding you with an eclectic mix of both local and imported items. Although a sense of a preserved time capsule is maintained by the shop’s long-durational products, a bunker of survival with a resilience to forgetting, the shop remains one of the most humane on the street. A selected group of artists have been invited to visit the shop and respond to the immersive and dense environment. Either through research of its history or involvement in the shop’s daily life, each artist unwraps further thoughts and narratives in this stable yet ever-changing place.

‘Canning Time’ is the fourth exhibition of The LivingRoom, a project dedicated to the curation and exhibition of art in found spaces.?


Alex Nikiporenko


The LivingRoom - Sara Rodrigues, Cristina Ramos