Copeland Collective @ Copeland Park

133 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN

Copeland Collective 1


Copeland Collective is a collection of artist who have come together to create their first exhibition.

The exhibition is located at Copeland Park car park and the Bussey Building, and the artwork is dotted around for the audience to explore and discover.

This exhibition is a platform to showcase young local artists’ work through different themes and media including sculpture, illustration, ceramics, painting and interactive installation.

The exhibition is located in Copeland Park to provide an environment less formal than an art gallery – making art more accessible and open to everyone. 


Lawrence Artitzone, Lydia Brockless, Will Bigwood, Tom Davis, Sophie Giller, George Heaven, Helena Lacy, Chloe Louise, I-M Jerome, Ellie MacGarry, Tendayi Vine, Candy Ward


Helena Lacy, Candy Ward