Bede House

12 Bede House, Clare Road, London, SE14 6PW

Double Helix


Lucile Camus/ Estelle Cherel

Lucile Camus’ practice developed from figurative painting into striking graphic works using mark-making and endless repetition to reflect on the act of making and the passing of time. Her recent practice includes large scale installations using sculptural arrangements and paper cut-outs.

Drawing inspiration from films, popular culture and everyday imagery, Estelle Cherel’s exquisite drawings, collages and watercolours present intriguing scenes where animals and the human figure take centre stage. Cherel also recently started experimenting with animation and video.

Camus and Cherel have been sharing a studio for the past three years. Alongside their individual practices, they recently started to collaborate on performances and video works. The exhibition brings together for the first time personal and collaborative pieces, simulating the dialogue initiated organically between their works in the studio and unearthing the dynamic that led to their collaboration.


Lucile Camus, Estelle Cherel


Stephanie Busson