17 Harts Lane, London, SE14 5UP

Drawing Connections: On Our Way to Where?

event Saturday 2-4pm

Nicki Rolls/Paul Ridyard

Drawing Connections is a group of 19 artists who have chosen to work collaboratively through the medium of drawing as a way to challenge both their individual practices and fixed notions of what we might consider drawing.

Their exhibition ‘On Our Way to Where?’ marks a point, one year on in the group’s journey. It encompasses a broad range of media, which includes site-specific work, installation, sculpture, film and animation alongside more traditional approaches.

During this event, eight of the artists will talk about the work that they are presenting in the show, how it was made and some of their broader concerns. They will also discuss the life cycle of their project as a whole: why they came together as a group and the importance of being able to pursue individual ideas whilst working collaboratively.


Tony Blackmore, Camilla Brueton, Claire Manning, Gill Newton, Esperanza Perkins, Paul Ridyard, Nicki Rolls, Nicola Saunderson