Castor Projects

Basement 306 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AF

Dream On

Event Sunday 3-4pm

Claire Baily, Dream On

The wall-based objects and suspended forms that make up Baily’s exhibition sit somewhere between painting, design-object and sculpture. Baily’s work celebrates the Art Deco movement, embracing technology in her processes to produce finely crafted components. Her interest in design, and the strong resonances of Art Deco, appear in the rich colours, bold geometric shapes and often lavish ornamentation of the work.

Baily seeks to articulate an interior architecture of sorts, as sections of intricate armatures clad with cast forms are arranged into expanding layered forms. This is making at its most considered. Every piece of material has been altered in some way to make it unique, asking the viewer to look closer to enquire if these alterations are functional or purely aesthetic.

Exhibition open during Art Licks Weekend: Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm; and on the Preview night from 6-9pm.


Claire Baily