Temporary Contemporary

Azure House Dragonfly Place, London, SE4 2DP

Elements of Religion: UA (2013–16)


UA, Parkamoor, 2013

UA is an artists collective formed in 2013. It aims to develop forms of collaborative art practice using tools, texts and practices drawn from religion, spirituality, ritual and myth. UA’s activities span sculpture, painting, poetry, ritual performance, workshops and retreats. This exhibition will offer a retrospective of UA’s work since its formation. UA’s process centres around intimate private ceremonies and rites. For this exhibition, UA gathers together fragments of documentation — text, video, image, sound — as a spectral introduction to the intensities through which its members have passed. The show aims to provide outsiders with an entry into UA’s shared experience in deploying quasi-religious modes in the production of aesthetic value.

Supported by Arts Council England


UA: Miriam Austin, Paul Gwilliam, Anna Hughes, Rumi Josephs, Emily Jones, Ida Hill, Boris Jardine, Matthew Drage