12ø Project Space

12 Orpen Walk, London, N16 8HG

fresh ‘n’ frozen


12ø (Eva Duerden)

fresh ‘n’ frozen is a project designed to question the premise of art production as well as accessibility and affordability of artwork through testing other mediums of dissemination.

Using the framework of delivery services and online ordering usually used for takeaways, the 12ø project space is being used as a site of production, where works are made throughout the Art Licks Weekend opening hours. The artworks are free and are orderable online, or by visiting the space itself, where you can chose from a menu of artists.

With Frozen (readymade editions) and Fresh (made on demand and unique) on the menu, there will also be the option for set ‘meals’: curated combinations.

The format allows people to take part in the event remotely, while enjoying other events at festival or from the comfort of their home.

To order works and arrange collection or delivery, please go to


Sarah Boulton, R.P. Brooks, Hamish Chapman, Michaela Cullen, Freya Fullerton, Alexander Glass, Bryony Hussey, Ellie MacGarry, Eden Mitsmacher, Paloma Proudfoot, Beth Kettle, Jeff Ko, Joe Rowley, Charlotte Salt, Andrew Sim, Food Sketz, Hannah Taylor, The White Pube, Mitt Wheeldon, Lucy Vann, Charles Verni, Rosie Vohra, Jess Young


Eva Duerden, Lou Macnamara, Jacob Watmore