The Koppel Project

93 Baker Street, London, W1A 4SD

From Myth to Earth: Story reading with Q&A

event Sunday 3pm

Gabriella Sonabend, Alessandra and Melville

Set in La Guajira desert on the boarder between Venezuela and Colombia, ‘This is the dry place’ is a semi-folkloric tale about the indigenous Wayuu peoples who are the only indigenous group in Colombia to never have been displaced from their land. The nomadic matriarchal Wayuus live in a realm on the verge of the dream and the real. This story explores the collisions of cultures and histories, referencing ancient mythology and more recent history.”

A live reading from ‘This is the Dry Place’ will be followed by a discussion and Q&A with the artists: Gabriella Sonabend, Omar CastaƱeda, Sol Bailey Barker, and Ivan Castillo.


Gabriella Sonabend, Sol Bailey Barker, Omar CastaƱeda, Ivan Castillo


Gabriella Sonabend, Sol Bailey Barker