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How to Read: Writing Groups. How to Write: Reading Groups Part 2


How to Read: Writing Groups. How to Write: Reading Groups Linda Laiva and Lara Kenworthy © Edward Dorrian, the artists 2015

‘How to Write: Reading Groups’ was the first part of an open project for anyone to propose a series of two-hour event at Five Years in May 2015, responding to the idea of the Reading Group. Anyone in existing reading and/or writing groups; seeking to start-up, co-organise and figure new groups (academic, non-academic, activist, research, fun, etc); anyone wanting to radically and carefully consider ‘reading’, ‘writing’, ‘group’ and ‘publication’ as issues of practice and research that could in any way be made, performed, drawn, played, questioned, etc; anyone thinking of developing new work for publication; or simply, anyone who reads and writes for pleasure… with others. All proposals were accepted. ‘How to Read: Writing Groups. How to Write: Reading Groups’ presents the publication of works freely developed from part 1 as a printed publication, exhibition and series of reading events at Five Years.


Publication contributers include: Jonathan Trayner, Paul Anthony Tarragó, Anniken Weber, Sadegh Aleahmad, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Froso Papadimitriou, Liz Murry, Mia Taylor, John Hughes and Simon Rattigan, Jennifer Boyd & Alex Borkowski, Women Artists in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s Reading Group, Litany: Nicola Guy, Katherine Jackson, Louisa Lee, Sophie Risner, Amy Tobin, Shona Macnaughton & Luke Cooke-Yarborough, Linda Laiva, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins & Volker Eichelmann, Seth Guy, Rob Flint, Alison Ballard, Beth Bramich, Sarah Duffy, Katherine Fishman, Alice Gale-Feeny, Sam Mercer, Alia Pathan, Clover Peake, Giovanna Coppola, Edward Dorrian & Mark R Taylor.


Edward Dorrian