Peckham Rye Common

(by the fountain), London, SE15 4JR

Liquid Assets

Event Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm

Liquid Assets

The fountain as outdoor pavilion; the fountain as ruin; the fountain as heterotopia. A breezeblock structure in Peckham Rye park – the only remnant of the former Peckham Lido – acts as a witness, a host and a place of assembly for Liquid Assets.

Referencing historian Peter Linebaugh, Liquid Assets reflects on lido culture and its translocal setting in relation to the idea of ‘The Commons’; a pool of non-commodified resources, sustained and developed by multiple communities.

Thinking about cuts to local authority budgets, alongside a surge in public demand for open-air swimming spaces, Liquid Assets assesses the value of collective sporting sites for the body and the community. Field recordings, narratives and testimonials, working with lido enthusiasts and community forums, Liquid Assets promotes somatic value and forms of common knowledge; proposing a reactivation of latent bodies, spaces and local resources.


Emily Hawes, Sophia Simensky