Open School East

The Rose Lipman Building 43 De Beauvoir Road London, London, N1 5SQ

Long Circuits

event Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm

Henry Babbage

The Rose Lipman Building is a site which plays host to diverse intersection of groups and community members through its shared usage.

The work in ‘Long Circuits’ engages with research specific to each associate while collectively considering inherent questions of participation, the politics of sharing and the tyrannies of structurelessness.


Anneke Kampman, Emil Scheffmann, Henry Babbage, Alex Ressel, Eve Chabanon, Eleanor Davies, Eleanor Vonne Browne, Joel Sines, Anni Movsisyan, Theo Shields, Rosie Morris, Nutan Kotecha, Bekki Perriman, Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens


Henry Babbage, Anneke Kampman, Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens, Emil Scheffmann, Eleanor Davies, Alex Ressel, Eve Chabanon