Back Room Gallery

135A Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST

Solid Gone In The Back Room


Holdron's Arcade. Photo: Mark Beldan

How do you survive as an artist in London? Will the economic situation force you out? Or will the new political one? Is there room for mischief and experimentation in such a difficult environment? Solid Gone hopes to find an adaptable structure of curation and exhibition, exploring amorphous ways of working together.

This show takes place in the Back Room of Holdron’s Arcade in Peckham. Most gallery spaces bear traces of a previous use, but the Back Room wears its more proudly than most. The early 20th century shop layout is visible on the floor, and bits of kitchenware poke through the ramshackle ceiling from the storeroom above. Working across painting, installation, sculpture and performance, the artists in the exhibition have made interventions that respond to the shifting character of the venue, as well as reflecting our own precarious situation in London.


Agnieszka Szczotka, Eloise Fornieles, Hannah Brown, Marianne Spurr, Mark Beldan, Toby Ziegler


Mark Beldan